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February 20
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.:Brother of Darkness:. by TheSodaPimp .:Brother of Darkness:. by TheSodaPimp
That's right, Sam had a brother. But his young lad has a whooooole different story behind him. 

Real Name: Michael Bob Jones
Nick Names: Bobby, Mike, Mikey
Age: 17 (But has a naive type of persona like a child would.) 
Status: Taken
Personality: Kind, heartwarming, caring, loyal, helpful, sensitive, and soft.
Likes: School, working, relaxation, getting things done, everyone, his brother
Dislikes: Alcoholism, the bad types of people, the things Sam did back then, his darker side, and his friends getting hurt.
Abilities:Smart, witty, clever, and has major enthusiasm
Weaknesses: He isn't very strong or fast, He has no fighting experience, Confused by the girls, Easily breaks down if someone close is held hostage, Naive, and too trusting
Weapon of choice: None
Relationships: His brother Sam, his childhood friend Niomi, His girlfriend Cerenity, Friends, and his colleges
Backstory: He was an average person, not too good or too bad. But just normal. He was an only child till the day his Family had decided that there was gonna be another young child heading into the family. Bobby was excited and couldn't wait to meet his new sibling, and that sibling's name was Sam. They visit an orphanage and find a rather young, fit and red child sitting at a corner of the room, seeing him as a rather abnormal person.

      Bobby, feeling pity towards the child and having great thought that he could change him, had chosen the Quiet young man to be his new Brother. It took a while for Sam to get used to Bob, refusing Michael's offers to play or to hang out at any places. But eventually he felt safe around the kind green stk, and accepted him as a friend, soon as a brother in hand. Years have gone by to the point where they hit Elementary , Bobby and Sam were having a hard time getting used to doing things without a parent and such, Till they met a fellow classmate named Niomi. Turns out that they had classes together and she offered to lead them to most of the classes and help them on what they're doing. Soon enough, they start getting close, most likely Sam and Niomi, who were getting teased quite frankly by the other kids, but Bobby foreshadows them as a couple, so he doesn't do much about it but eases the teasing for Sam to handle. 

        As they are in grade 5th, came a fateful day for the two of them. Their father, had been diagnosed with cancer. Things have started to go downhill for them, no matter what efforts their Dad has put into fighting the sickness, his body had given up on him, which took him away from the kids. Having him die right in front of them. Sam, after witnessing the death of one of his only role models, had not taken the death so greatly. Years later after the loss of their father, Sam had been making really poor choices.(We are digging into Sam's backstory a bit here too :3) He had started to get into bad groups of people, joining clans and doing horrid things. But one fateful day changed their lives forever. Michael, having enough of Sam refusing to tell what's been going on, decides to follow him on his lists of activities. Coming up next, a man abducts both Bob and Sam and brings them into a discreet location, which turns out to be a laboratory. They were informed that they were special in a sort of way and were planned to be experimented on. Bobby, now granted with the chemicals that not only enhance his strength but change his state of mind. (Which will be explained later) Sam however wasn't tested on, because he was already dealt with while he was a small baby, but was knocked out during Bobby's test. After Bobby was released, he couldn't hold himself together, He felt like passing out, he was weak on his arms and legs and ended up falling flat on the floor passed out. Their memory of that experience was removed shortly then they were left in the lab later on. 

         Their lives progress very roughly and much slower as it did when they go into junior high, Their mother 3 days after they had gone into 7th grade, had died in a car crash. Resulting for them to be orphans. Niomi has agreed to take care of both of them for a while. They had grown up together and formed an even stronger bond that carries out through the rest of their life.

Bobby's dark side.

</strong>Personality; Vicious, psychotic, violent, heartless, Insane, deranged killer, devil's spawn
Abilties; Strength enhancement, more stamina and durability, Rage mode is activated if provoked, terrified, angry, or stressed.
Weaknesses He isn't smart, no fighting experience.
Backstory;After being dispatched from the testing, Michael wasn't the same anymore. He was a monster, a living nightmare and one of the toughest people at his school. Being irritated by constant bullies at his school, activating the monster, making him go into a beating rampage. But with the help of his brother Sam and his best friend Niomi, he now has more control over his anger.

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I remember this guy, good to see him back.
It's been a while since we've seen him.
Hell yeah, can't wait to see more psychos about the place!
Halo-Yokoshima Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh mai
I used the word child too much. TT_TT
techno936 Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
wow nice
techno936 Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
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